Integrating TrafficDefender virtual waiting room with Fastly

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TrafficDefender helps some of the world’s largest organizations maintain 100% uptime and maximise ROI during surges in online traffic.

In order to offer complete coverage and prevent queue jumping, we implement a DNS-level, reverse proxy integration.

Integrating TrafficDefender with Fastly

Integration of TrafficDefender’s virtual waiting room with your existing Fastly platform couldn’t be simpler. Our reverse proxy is cloud-hosted, operates at a DNS level and is implemented behind your Fastly platform where it manages all incoming traffic.

Thanks to our reverse proxy approach, TrafficDefender is:

  • Quick and easy to integrate with your existing Fastly platform with no coding or architecture changes needed
  • Cloud-hosted, ultra-low latency and proven to perform in front of some of the world’s busiest sites
  • Designed to prevent queue-jumpers as standard
  • PCI and GDPR compliant with HTTPS encryption of all traffic

How it works

Designed to use a DNS-level implementation, the TrafficDefender reverse proxy enables an easy and rapid installation as it doesn’t require any code changes to the website. All that is required is to set TrafficDefender as the origin server in your Fastly configuration. TrafficDefender can also be positioned in front of Fastly if necessary.

All requests pass through the solution as encrypted HTTPS traffic, but are not stored, making the solution both PCI and GDPR compliant.

By utilising a single redirection, TrafficDefender covers all aspects of the web infrastructure. Hosting the solution on a highly available, distributed cloud infrastructure (with complete fail over protection) has enabled our solution to achieve 100% availability since inception.

Our reverse proxy is also backed by passive mode functionality, which allows for the service to be instantly added to or removed from your website at the click of a button.

Learn more

If you are a Fastly platform user, talk to us to find out how simple it is to integrate with TrafficDefender. We can quickly get you started with a completely customisable, secure and scalable virtual waiting room with no changes to your code or infrastructure.