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TrafficDefender - Disneyland queues

Can Virtual Waiting Rooms take Cues from Disneyland?

Welcoming millions of visitors to their parks annually, Disney have mastered the art of designing “queues that don’t feel like queues”. What are some of the tricks of the trade that online businesses can take from Disneyland when designing online queuing experiences?

Virtual Waiting Room UX

How to Improve UX with a Virtual Waiting Room

Often when describing virtual waiting rooms or online queues, we only hear about the technical implications. However, the most important factor is the UX, or how a virtual waiting room makes visitors feel.

TrafficDefender - Fulfilment in eCommerce

Fulfilment: The Hidden Challenge of Peak Web Traffic

An influx of web traffic to a retail site can cause very public problems, potentially crashing sites and damaging the customer experience. But even if the site can handle increased demand, a virtual waiting room can help to fulfil orders as promised and meet the high expectations of consumers.

TrafficDefender - Staycations boom in 2021

Is the Staycation Industry Ready for a Boom in 2021?

As we look forward to a lockdown-free summer, albeit with international travel restrictions still in place, huge swathes of holidaymakers are looking to book “staycations” at mainland UK resorts and hotels. Will this welcome boost for the leisure industry stretch booking systems too far under unprecedented demand?

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