peak in traffic

Large spikes in website traffic can cause site outages, unhappy customers, reduced profits and damage your brand’s reputation.

Traffic spikes often occur precisely when they’re least wanted, during key trading events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday or the launch of a limited-edition product range.

A single hour of website downtime cost businesses an average of $100k

What is the Impact of Peak Traffic Spikes

A one-second delay in load time can result in a 12% loss in conversions while on average, a two-second delay during transactions leads to shopping cart abandonment rates of up to 87%.

It has never been more important to ensure 100% website availability. In our digital world, consumers are accustomed to accessing information, entertainment and their weekly online shop in an instant. There’s no time for delays or points of failure.

If your site is unable to deliver with speed and convenience, particularly during peak periods, it can not only result in lost sales but a damaged brand reputation and loss of repeat custom.

How do you mitigate the negative effects of surges in web traffic

TrafficDefender’s Virtual waiting Room ensures your website remains available during periods of peak traffic, without the uneconomical investment in infrastructure that is still prone to failure during sudden spikes.

Our scalable, cloud-based service sits in front of your website and controls access for all visitors. When the maximum number of visitors is reached, our solution delivers a waiting page to all additional visitors, without any access required to your servers.

Virtual Waiting Room controls the flow of website visitors, allowing through only the number of visitors that your servers can handle. All additional visitors are placed into a fair, first-in-first-out waiting room that gives every user the best possible experience without damaging your business’s bottom-line.

24/7 Website uptime with a Virtual Waiting Room

TrafficDefender’s Virtual Waiting Room is the ultimate insurance policy for websites with a need to react instantly to sudden spikes in traffic.

Virtual Waiting Room protects the uptime, availability and performance of websites, so your business can maximise customer transactions and safeguard brand reputation with customisable access rules during peak traffic spikes.