Traffic Spikes Can Come At Anytime: The Need For Year-Round Website Protection

While some customers use a Virtual Waiting Room (VWR) for individual key trading events in the year such as Black Friday, many customers use the solution as a year-round insurance policy to ensure their website can support any spikes in traffic, at any time of the year.

Customers value continuous guaranteed website uptime for several reasons, including:

  • The company promotes other sales deals throughout the seasons
  • If a new product launch goes viral
  • Embark on TV advertising campaign
  • Unexpected or planned Celebrity endorsements
  • Influencer marketing on Social channels
  • Deal websites and forums promote special offers

With the above in mind, there could be new reasons every day why your website could receive unexpected spikes in traffic, that is why many customers who implement the VWR for a specific sales event then take the safety and comfort they felt seeing the VWR live in action extend their license upon expiration to an annual subscription for year-round protection.

It was for that reason JD Williams, part of the N Brown Group PLC, depend on the TrafficDefender VWR to ensure 100% website uptime throughout the year. Jeff Cattle, Head of IT Services said:

“One of the great advantages of the solution is the complete protection from the unpredicted spikes, where the business publishes a deal that gets traction on the likes of HotDealsUK that can be bigger than any artificial spike generated by TV advertising.”

You can read more about the implementation in the JD Williams case study.

In a different vein, contemporary British fashion designer and retailer Hobbs were considering a significant investment to dramatically increase their infrastructure capacity as they grow their international sales across 55 countries around the world.

Understanding that that approach is neither economical nor 100% guaranteed to ensure website availability during peak traffic spikes during exclusive sales events.

Sharon Lowrie, Technology and Business Change Director at Hobbs said:

“It felt a bit like using a hammer to crack a nut. We needed a more intelligent approach to coping with seasonal and flash demand events.”

Having evaluated all available options on the market, Hobbs took the decision to implement the TrafficDefender Virtual Waiting Room solution. Sharon continued to explain:

“Netacea’s TrafficDefender not only gives us year-round protection from traffic spikes, we’ve also been able to reduce our infrastructure by 20% and move our staff from reactive firefighting to other proactive mission-critical work.”

To learn more about this customer success story please read the Hobbs case study. Alternatively, you can get a free trial, with no obligation to purchase, and test the Virtual Waiting Room solution today.

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