A Secure, Non-bypassable Virtual Waiting Room

TrafficDefender guarantees that traffic will continue to flow through your site, even if the volume of traffic is greater than your capacity. TrafficDefender’s scalable, cloud-based virtual waiting room ensures your business is always available when your customers need it most, serving your products quickly, with ease and certainty.

TrafficDefender delivers a secure, fair and un-bypassable first-in-first-out queue that sits in front of your site, protecting your entire technology stack.

Our queue operates concurrently to guarantee that your website is never overloaded, no matter how long customers remain on your site.

Powered by Netacea, we deliver an enterprise-grade virtual waiting room with white-labelling as standard and 24/7 support, at no extra cost.

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Guarantee a positive customer omni-channel experience even under extreme conditions such as Black Friday.