Virtual Waiting Room Product Overview

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Fairer queuing with TrafficDefender™

Control online traffic spikes with non-bypassable, enterprise queuing from TrafficDefender™, powered by Netacea.

Whether a surge in website traffic is caused by unprecedented and uncontrollable external factors, or is a result of your own marketing efforts, it is vital that your business continues to provide a great experience that keeps your customers coming back.

TrafficDefender guarantees that traffic will continue to flow through your site, even if the volume of traffic is greater than your capacity. TrafficDefender’s cloud-based virtual waiting room ensures your business is always available when your customers need it most, serving your products quickly, with ease and certainty.

Our unique approach

  • No code changes = quick implementation: TrafficDefender operates across all platforms without any code changes required on your site. Simply point your DNS at TrafficDefender and you’re good to go.
  • Non-bypassable queuing: TrafficDefender delivers a secure, fair and un-bypassable first-in-first-out queue that sits in front of your site, protecting your entire technology stack.
  • 24/7 support at no extra cost: We’re here to keep you online so you can be there for your customers, that’s why we deliver our enterprise-grade virtual waiting room with white-labelling as standard and 24/7 support, at no extra cost.
  • Capacity Queuing: Our queue operates concurrently to guarantee that your website is never overloaded, no matter how long customers remain on your site.
  • A transparent customer journey: TrafficDefender’s completely transparent solution maintains your website URL at all times, keeping the customer journey consistent without diversion or redirection.

How it works

TrafficDefender ensures that your site remains available to customers 24/7, no matter how busy it gets. Our enterprise-grade, scalable, cloud-based virtual waiting room service sits in front of your website to put control in your hands, in realtime.

Control your traffic

TrafficDefender ensures your infrastructure only ever receives the visitors it’s able to manage, allowing you to guarantee availability, protect the customer experience and maximize revenue.

Queue website visitors

When the maximum number of visitors is reached, TrafficDefender delivers a waiting page to all additional visitors without any access to your servers.

Fair & transparent queuing

Nobody likes waiting. TrafficDefender makes the process as fair, transparent and pain-free as possible while guaranteeing 100% website uptime.

Easy & flexible integration options

TrafficDefender integrates with any application regardless of package or language and is fully compliant with all CDNs. Simply repoint your DNS or CDN configuration to point to the dedicated address and let our scalable technology take care of the rest.

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Why TrafficDefender?

Secure DNS approach TrafficDefender uses DNS-based technology to protect against queue jumpers who bypass other JavaScriptbased solutions.

Protect web performance

TrafficDefender prevents your site from slowing down or crashing during busy periods, by initiating a website queue once this bottleneck is reached.

Branded queuing pages

Your virtual waiting room is fully configurable and completely white-labelled, allowing your visitors’ waiting room experience to be consistent with your brand.

Protect brand reputation

Present waiting visitors with videos, Twitter feeds, games or special offers. Simple scalability All settings can be adjusted to allow instant scalability, so you can continually make adjustments to operate as close to the capacity of your platform as possible.

Control online traffic spikes with non-bypassable Enterprise queuing from TrafficDefender™. Get started today with quick and easy implementation, request your free demo.

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