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Intelligent queuing with TrafficDefender™

Control the experience on your website during traffic spikes with the intelligent, dependable enterprise-grade virtual waiting room from TrafficDefender, powered by Netacea.

Whether a surge in website traffic is caused by uncontrollable external factors, or is a result of your own marketing efforts, it is vital that your business continues to provide a great experience that keeps your customers coming back.

How TrafficDefender protects your website

TrafficDefender guarantees that traffic will continue to flow through your site, even if the volume and velocity of traffic is greater than what your infrastructure can handle. TrafficDefender’s virtual waiting rooms also protect customer experience and brand at times when customers might otherwise see frustrating errors. Most importantly, TrafficDefender keeps customers engaged and gives them confidence they will be able to reach your website.

Trafficdefender how it works

Why TrafficDefender?

Enterprise-grade technology

Powered by bot management leader NetaceaTM, TrafficDefender delivers an intelligent, fair and un-skippable queue for genuine customers while filtering out unwanted traffic.

Robust infrastructure

Your virtual waiting room is always delivered from highly scalable infrastructure to guarantee the intended experience is always presented, no matter how many visitors join the queue.

Achieve your business goals

TrafficDefender is more than just a queue page. We work with you to serve queued customers with valuable, relevant content, which reduces bounce rate, builds trust and boosts revenue.

Quick and easy integration

TrafficDefender integrates with any application regardless of package or language and is fully compliant with all CDNs. Simply configure your DNS or CDN to point to the dedicated address and let our scalable technology take care of the rest.

Features & benefits

Control your traffic

TrafficDefender ensures your infrastructure only ever receives the visitors it can manage, allowing you to guarantee availability, protect the customer experience and maximize revenue.

Fair & transparent queuing

Nobody likes waiting. Using first-in, first-out methodology and carefully designed UX, TrafficDefender makes the process as fair, transparent and pain-free as possible whilst guaranteeing 100% website uptime.

Fully incorporated into your customer journey

TrafficDefender works with you to achieve your business goals, delivering a seamless experience that complements your carefully crafted customer journey rather than obstructing it.

Full control in real-time

TrafficDefender’s live queue management dashboard gives second-by-second visibility of the number of visitors on your site or queuing to enter and allows you to dynamically adjust queue length on the fly.

Support every step of the way

We’re here to keep you online so you can be there for your customers. That’s why we deliver our enterprise-grade virtual waiting room with white-labelling as standard and 24/7 support at no extra cost.

See TrafficDefender in action

Book your free demonstration of TrafficDefender today and learn how to protect your website, brand and customer experience throughout peak web traffic events, no matter when they hit. Visit to get started.