About TrafficDefender

Our story and the people behind TrafficDefender.

Our Mission

TrafficDefender™ is a next generation, enterprise-grade web traffic management and website queue system. Our technology ensures that your website continues to function, even when the volume of traffic exceeds that which your infrastructure can typically handle. 

Company Values

We’re dedicated to keeping businesses online and customers happy, even during periods of unprecedented traffic.

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"Many companies are realising they can't rely on JavaScript-based solutions to queue visitors. They need a fairer, non-bypassable queuing solution that covers their website and APIs, giving customers a positive queuing experience.”
Andy Still
Co-Founder & CTO

Meet the Leadership Team

TrafficDefender’s leadership team includes founders Andy Still and Jeremy Gidlow supported by a growing team of technology, product and industry experts.

Trusted by Leading Brands Worldwide

We work closely with all our customers to keep their businesses online, no matter how busy their websites become.
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